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Athlete Vehicles and Animals EMI

Athlete Vehicles and Animals EMI

Who: Athlete

IN 2003, British newcomers ATHLETE have already scored themselves a nomination for this year's prestigious MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE AWARD .

The band is up for best album and has been placed against the likes of RADIOHEAD and COLDPLAY .

While Athlete's debut album Vehicles and Animals is enjoyable enough, it doesn't quite match up to the brilliance of its fellow nominees.

Comparisons to Coldplay are relevant in some cases, but fans shouldn't rush out and buy the album because of this.

Vehicles and Animals proves the band's pop sensibilities but it has a habit of producing sounds that are all too reminiscent of everyone from GOMEZ to TRAVIS .

It even throws in some cheeky early BLUR moments particularly on Westside when the bands delivers a big shout of ``Chorus!'' right before the chorus kicks in.

Opening track El Salvador is one of the album's finest moments but it builds you up for bigger and better things and, sadly, it doesn't deliver.

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