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Thankful Crowd Enjoy Whitlams

Thankful Crowd Enjoy Whitlams

Who: The Whitlams
Where: Civic Theatre

WHEN it comes to goodbyes, THE WHITLAMS sure aren't lazy about it.

With the band set to take a year-long break from touring and recording, it decided that it was apt to provide fans with a thorough farewell party.

So thorough in fact that the band kicked off a 45-date tour of Australia that covered areas far and wide.

Novocastrians were lucky enough to get a piece of the action early on in the tour as the fourth city on the schedule.

A strong crowd turned out to CIVIC THEATRE and gave the boys and warm welcome.

Frontman TIM FREEDMAN plonked himself behind the keyboard with his customary bottle of red wine to ac company him throughout the show.

The band eased into the show slowly and Freedman noted that he was unaware of the theatre's existence, but said that he'd like to return.

Taking advantage of the theatre's atmosphere, Freed man performed a few softer tunes which usually don't make the live set, including the crowd pleasing Ease of the Midnight Visit .

The crowd erupted into cheers when Freedman laun ched into the first few bars of the band's breaking hit No Aphrodisiac and the perform ance was one of the evening's highlights.

A vocal crowd called for requests all night and the final segment of the show gave them the chance to hear their favour ites.

There was plenty of requests for I Like Hamburgers and the band obliged with a playful rendition.

Blow Up the Pokies had the crowd singing along and Freed man even managed to squeeze in his tribute to GOUGH WHIT MAN , simply titled Gough .

One fan in particular was lucky enough to have one of her favourite, although little-known, tracks dedicated to her after much persistence.

The band's closing number was a fitting farewell as it thumped out a big version of Thank You (For Loving Me At My Worst).

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