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Watch Out Newcastle

Watch Out Newcastle

Who: Puppetry of the Penis
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Saturday August 16, 2003

Watch out Newcastle because PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS is back! The controversial stage show made its debut in Newcastle last year to capacity crowds and will return for two shows this weekend.

Returning is BRETT HARTIN who will be joined by new recruit, former New Zealand radio presenter AARON BLOOMFIELD .

Bloomfield joined the show 12 months ago after walking away from a career in radio.

``We ran some auditions in Auckland and he came along and pretty much said `Pick me, pick me', so we picked him,'' Hartin said.

``He was working in radio at the time and they wanted him to go along and cover it for their radio station and he said `Bugger it, I'll get in there and do it'.

'' The pair has toured Australia for the past year and appeared at a number of big events.

``We did the M-ONE concert last year, which had a lot of big bands like the GOO GOO DOLLS and we were doing backstage dick tricks for all these famous people.

'' ``I had asked I could do the Loch Ness Monster trick next to SHIRLEY MANSON from GARBAGE because she's Scottish, so I've got a photo of me standing next to her doing a Loch Ness Monster.

'' aifPuppetry of the Penis aifwill return with a new show titled The Director's Cut which features footage from overseas shows and plenty of new tricks.

``It's a whole different dynamic with Aaron up on stage now and we've also got some footage from the guys in America as well as some new tricks.

``In this show, we finish with a little medley and do a sing-a-long which gets everyone on their feet.

'' aifPuppetry of the Penis aifwill appear at CIVIC THEATRE on Saturday.

Tickets are on sale from the theatre on 4929-1997.

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