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Who: The Boat People, Gorgeous
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Thursday April 10, 2003

NOVOCASTRIANS are being warned to watch out for a Brisbane invasion! Two of Queensland's top independent acts will swing through Newcastle this week during their latest tour.

Dubbed The Eiffel Tour, it will see popular duo GORGEOUS support four piece outfit THE BOAT PEOPLE.

The tour follows The Boat People's recent Parisian-themed Brisbane tour named Le Plus Grand Du Monde (The Biggest In The World).

As well as giving their own performance, members of The Boat People will join Brisbane ex-pats Gorgeous on stage for a special collaboration.

Formed in 1999, keyboardist ROBIN WATERS said The Boat People have a long list of influences from THE BEATLES to RADIOHEAD.

"We come from all over the place," Waters said.

"I was listening to a lot of hip hop, but lately I've been getting into some quirky Australian acts.

" Proving its diversity, the band has played at a variety of major festivals, including the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL and BIG DAY OUT.

It has released two EPs, including the latest six-track relase Squeaky Clean which features TRIPLE J favourites Supernova, From The Corner and Human Being.

"Since we released Squeaky Clean, things have really snowballed for us and it's been hard to think ahead because there have been so many opportunites arising.

" The Boat People will perform at SALARIUM at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on Friday night.

Tickets are $8 on the door or pre-sale from SALAR COUCH CAFE.

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