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Legends of Our Time Ensure Beat Goes On

Legends of Our Time Ensure Beat Goes On

Who: Mallorca Lee
Where: Mercury Hotel (Heat)
When: Thursday October 10, 2002

ALTHOUGH electronica is a relatively new form of music, a number of the genre's artists can still be considered legends.

Anyone who was part of the rave scene during the '90s would agree that ULTRA-SONIC were legends of hard house.

Formed in the UK in 1990 by technoheads MALLORCA LEE and RODGER HUGHES, Ultra-Sonic became one of the world's most successful dance acts. Between 1991 and 1998, Ultra-Sonic released 14 singles, four studio albums, one live album and two tour videos.

Novocastrians will have the chance to reminisce when Ultra-Sonic performs live at THE MERCURY HOTEL tomorrow night.

Many would agree that Ultra-Sonic created a blueprint for the rave scene, producing hard house anthems such as LET THE BASS DRUM GO and WE WANT ONE MORE. As well as success with Ultra-Sonic, Lee went on to have hits with his current incarnation PUBLIC DOMAIN. Teaming up with DAVID FORBES, the act rose to the top in 2000 with hits like OPERATION BLADE and ROCK DA FUNKY BEATS. Ultra-Sonic will be supported by TOM-E and DJ WEAVEL from 9pm. Entry is $20.

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