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Cooee Kids, Blinky's Here

Cooee Kids, Blinky's Here

Who: Don Spencer
What: Blinky's Outback Adventure: The Lost Cooee
Where: Maitland District Leagues Club
When: Thursday October 10, 2002

ONE of Australia's most loved entertainers is preparing to meet a new generation of young fans.

The lovable BLINKY BILL has returned to the stage with a new album and is on tour to perform for new fans.

Blinky Bill has been one of Australia's most popular children's characters for many years, performing with DON SPENCER. Spencer has teamed up with Blinky Bill once again to release the new album DON AND BLINKY'S OUTBACK ADVENTURE: THE LOST COOEE. The album was released in April and features lots of old favourites from Blinky and Don as well as a collection of new songs.

Included on the album are favourites such as BLINKY BILL THEME, I'M BLINKY BILL and a new song called WHERE OH WHERE IS BLINKY BILL'S COOEE. In the new stage show titled THE LOST COOEE, Blinky finds himself without a voice when he loses his cooee.

With the help of Spencer and the audience, Blinky must embark on a series of fun adventures before he can find his cooee.

Spencer said he was looking forward to introducing the Blinky Bill character to a new generation of fans.

'Blinky Bill's a part of our cultural heritage and it's very exciting to be re-introducing him with some wonderful new music and a stunning new stage show,' Spencer said.

'I'm really excited to be involved in both the show and the new album.'

The Lost Cooee will be performed throughout with two shows today at NEWCASTLE TOWN HALL from 10am and BELMONT 16FT SAILING CLUB from 3.30pm.

On Thursday the show will appear at MAITLAND DISTRICT LEAGUES CLUB from 10am and HEXHAM BOWLING CLUB from 3.30pm.

On Friday the show will appear at DOYALSON RSL CLUB from 10am and CESSNOCK RUGBY LEAGUE CLUB from 3.30pm.

Tickets are available from the venues.

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