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Singers Join Up For Luna

Who: Luna
Where: CBD
When: Wednesday May 15, 2002

PUT together two of the most beautiful voices in Newcastle and you end up with Luna, a new duo made up of DyMyR and Bernadette Lannen. Both are well known faces on the local music scene, DyMyR the host of Creative Juice at the Lass O'Gowrie and Lannen a member of Irish act Erin. But the two agree that their best work has gone into Luna.

Luna was formed six months ago when the pair, who have known each other for two years, decided to finally work together.

'We're very similar musically, we've got mutual ground and done things together in the past,' DyMyR said.

Lannen provided backing vocals on DyMyR's 2001 debut album.

Although they have performed a number of low-key events around the city to 'see how things go', Luna will make its official debut at Hotel CBD tonight.

The duo already has an album's worth of material and the venture marks Lannen's first gig as a songwriter.

'I wasn't sure what to expect, but its been very invigorating and I haven't settled for second best,' Lannen said.

'We've spent a lot of time on the lyrics, we're quite fussy.'

The duo said it is difficult to put a label on their style but say it has been described as the male female equivalent of Simon and Garfunkel. Luna will perform at Songwriters Unplugged tonight from 9.30pm.

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