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Blues Gets Cross With Coldshot

Blues Gets Cross With Coldshot

Who: Coldshot
Where: Wickham Park Hotel
When: Friday August 2, 2002

THEY share an average age of only 15 but the members of COLDSHOT (pictured right) have had more experience than many other musicians.

The brothers and sister trio has been belting out the blues for 5 years, working together to create a distinctive blues sound.

Made up of 17-year-old CLYDE SHEPHERD on guitar, 15-year-old JESSICA on keyboards and 11-year-old DEAN on drums, the trio has used a range of influences to create its own blues experience.

Crossing somewhere between rock and blues, the siblings say their sound 'isn't really blues, but it isn't really rock'.

But their stylings have allowed the band to perform for tough audiences and win them over at such events as THE GOULBURN BLUES FESTIVAL and the FRANKSTON GUITAR FESTIVAL. Each member began playing music at the age of five and since November 1999, the trio has performed almost every week without fail.

The band has three releases under its belt including the 1999 album MESSIN' WITH THE KID and the 2000 release I'VE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE. More recently the Shepherds have put together a few new tracks which can be heard on their website.

Coldshot will perform this week at the WICKHAM PARK HOTEL on Friday, the GRAND JUNCTION HOTEL on Saturday and the BEACHCOMBER at Toukley on Sunday.


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