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Good, Bexta, Best

Good, Bexta, Best

Who: Bexta
Where: Mercury Hotel (Heat)
When: Saturday August 3, 2002

FOLLOWING five launch dates around Canberra, Sydney and Queensland, techno queen BEXTA will arrive in Newcastle this weekend for the launch of her latest album.

THE MERCURY HOTEL will host the launch of BeXta's new double album MIXOLOGY GOLD on Saturday night.

The album follows up BeXta's three previous Mixology albums.

Her new album features two discs, the first a mix of more laid-back tracks with the second a banging mix of hard trance anthems.

Her Mixology albums have been a good indication of what to expect from a live BeXta gig.

'Mixology is very similar to what I play out,' BeXta says. 'But at the same time it is probably a little more expansive musically to what I am known to play in the clubs.'

Although the album doesn't contain any original BeXta material, it does contain two of her wicked remixes of SONICANIMATION and WAVESTORM. Australian artists have taken a larger presence on the album with tracks from ENDORPHIN, CHRIS FRESH, POUND SYSTEM and LUKE CHABLE all included.

Tickets to BeXta are $10 and available on the door. TE has three double passes to BeXta and four Mixology Gold CDs to give away thanks to the Mercury Hotel. Enter online at www.nnp.com.au

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