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Mum Surrounded by Her Treasures

Mum Surrounded by Her Treasures

Who: Maggie Noonan

AN original piece by Australian artist Sidney Nolan is quite a treasure.

So is being the mother of two of the most dynamic young performers in Australian music.

Australian opera star and former Hunter resident Maggie Noonan is one woman who can safely stake claim to this.

She is the mother of Tyrone and Katie Noonan, better known as the two amazing lead vocalists in Brisbane act george. She is also the owner of the Nolan original. 'That's something pretty special, wouldn't you say?,' she said.

Noonan came across the collector's item while performing in Ireland several years ago.

Nolan was in the audience and so impressed with Noonan's performance he offered his work for use on one of her album covers. The result saw one of Nolan's famous Ned Kelly works appear on the cover of Noonan's latest album Australia Sings.

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