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He's Still Singing Australias Praises

Who: John Williamson
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
When: Wednesday September 4, 2002

IF there's one definition of the classic Aussie tale, it has probably come from the mouth of JOHN WILLIAMSON. Williamson has been the king of Australian bush ballads for almost 30 years, producing classics such as TRUE BLUE, BOOMERANG CAFE and RIP RIP WOODCHIP. Following the release of his latest studio album GUNYAH, Williamson has packed up his guitar and is on the road yet again.

Williamson will perform at BELMONT 16FT SAILING CLUB on September 14 and WESTS LEAGUES CLUB on September 15.

Gunyah has seen Williamson return to what he does best - singing tributes to his homeland Australia.

In the past Williamson has been known to sing an ode to anything from Blinky Bill to a crocodile, and Gunyah is in keeping with that tradition.

Gunyah includes a wry tribute to dairy farmers and a thoughtful meditation on Ned Kelly.

Williamson was given the chance to honour another great Australian last year when he performed his tribute song Sir Don at Sir Donald Bradman's Memorial Service.

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