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Jigzag Mixes it up for Diverse Note

Jigzag Mixes it up for Diverse Note

Who: Jig Zag
Where: MJ Finnegans
When: Thursday August 22, 2002

AN eclectic range of musical styles makes up for the diverse sound of JIGZAG. Since forming three years ago, the trio has performed extensively throughout Australia and unleashed its unique sound on many new fans.

Jigzag incorporates a broad spectrum of styles in its music, mixing acoustic folk and pop with heartfelt ballads, Celtic and world instrumentals with a jazz-and-blues twist.

Like all budding musicians, Jigzag had to start somewhere and began its career busking on the streets of Sydney.

In 1997, guitarist and vocalist GREG BRYCE teamed up with percussionist CAROLINE TRENGOVE and set up stage at Central Station.

'We didn't have much time to catch the commuters' attention so we played the liveliest, happiest tunes and all of a sudden the gold coins came rolling in,' Bryce said.

'I think at that point we realised that we could have fun with music and also pay the rent.'

To complete the sound of Jigzag, the duo recruited the talents of bassist and vocalist ELISABETH FRENCHAM. Jigzag released its debut album THE OFFERING in 1999 and followed it up with the latest album 30 SECONDS OF HAPPINESS which was released earlier this year. Catch Jigzag in Newcastle when it performs at MJ FINNEGANS on Thursday night and at BELMONT 16FT SAILING CLUB on Friday night.

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