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Whitlams Step Back

Whitlams Step Back

Who: The Whitlams

THE Whitlams never shy away from their history, but their latest single Made Me Hard is anything but a tribute to the brother of the man who wrote it.

The first song The Whitlams have released that was conceived outside the band, Made Me Hard, was written by Bernie Hayes, the older brother of foundation Whitlams member, the late Stevie Plunder. 'Though I didn't write it, the song feels natural with The Whitlams, written by Stevie's older brother Bernie Hayes,' band leader Tim Freedman said.

'I used to watch them play together at the Sando (Sandringham Hotel, Newtown) on Tuesday nights where they had a residency.

'It's not a tribute, I like the song, I learnt to love it cause I knew it so well,' he said.

You can hear it for yourself on track four of his 1999 album released on the Half A Cow label Every Tuesday Sometimes Sunday. Freedman said the recording of the song for The Whitlams latest release Love This City, which is about to reach double platinum status, didn't do it justice.

It was re-recorded in Memphis and Freedman recently returned from the bright lights of Bangkok where they filmed a clip for the song.

Other tracks on the single include live classics Gough from the Introducing The Whitlams album, and Charlie No.3 from their ARIA award-winning Eternal Nightcap. www.thewhitlams.com

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