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Hot Riot at Bowling Club

Hot Riot at Bowling Club

Who: Riot, Rubix Cuba, 37, Seventh Dawn, Pilgrum
Where: Maitland City Bowling Club
When: Thursday April 26, 2001

Judges and the audience were united last Thursday at the Fonssbach Jamm Factory Band Competition at Maitland City Bowling Club. Riot blew away all of their rivals in the fourth heat of the Maitland competition to take out both the judges and audience choice.

Riot now advance to the semi-finals on either Thursday May 17 or May 24. The grand final will be held on May 31.

'Riot really surprised me, they put on a performance and a half,' Henrik Fonssbach said. Abiding by the rules of the competition run by Fonssbach, an extra band can be selected by the organisers for the semi-finals.

Fonssbach chose all-girl outfit Armistace. They will be a guest band for Thursday night's heat, to be fought out by Rubix Cuba, 37, Seventh Dawn and youth band competition runners-up, Pilgrum. The former Danish rock promoter believes the next big international rock sensation could come out of the Hunter Valley area.

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