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Big Band's Fortunes on an Upswing

Big Band's Fortunes on an Upswing

Who: Earthquacke Big Band
Where: Belmont Sportsmans Club
When: Saturday January 27, 2001

AFTER its very first gig at The Entrance last year, Central Coast's EARTHQUACKE BIG BAND was invited to perform less than a month later during the Olympic Torch Relay. The 18-member group, playing on Saturday, January 27, at the Belmont Sportsmans Club, was formed after band leader, drummer and conductor MARK MILNE advertised auditions for a new swing and big band group. Its presentation is similar to the big bands of GLENN MILLER, RAY NOBLE, COUNT BASIE, BENNY GOODMAN and of recent years the BUDDY RICH BIG BAND and the DALY WILSON BIG BAND. Dancers flock to the group's jazz, Latin, rock, swing and waltz tunes, but the band also performs in concert mode for carols, fetes, formals and weddings. TE

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