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Pink's Turn for Time in Spotlight

Pink's Turn for Time in Spotlight

Who: Kim Pink
Where: Gallipoli Legion Club
When: Saturday January 20, 2001

AS a member of POW WOW, FISH FRY, TOKIN WHITEY and the DARYL ABERHART TRIO, saxophonist KIM PINK is able to perform where he feels most comfortable - out of the spotlight.

But this Saturday night at the Gallipoli Legion Club, in Beaumont St, Pink will perform out front for MICKEY BARKER & THE LOUNGE REVUE as a featured artist.

It's a role that he accepts reluctantly, although it means that he gets to take on 'one or two' demanding solo pieces during the night by legends such as JOHN COLTRANE and JAN GARBOREK. 'I'm a part of the band kind of guy,' Pink said.

The affable sideman was a member of VEGEMITE REGGAE in the 1980s, a group which garnered airplay for its upbeat reggae-infused originals.

Fish Fry's latest CD SATURDAY NIGHT has been a hit with the swing crowd and is now into its second pressing.

'Ideally I would like to play a different style of music every night of the week,' he said.

With Pow Wow, Pink performs funk, with Fish Fry he performs swing and with Daryl Aberhart he plays cool jazz.

Pink will join with friends in the Lounge Revue, which also features Aberhart on piano, where he plays the flute and saxophone to standards and seldom-heard jazz tunes sung by Mickey Barker.

'It's really just a matter of fitting in with the night,' he said.

'That loungey kind of feel, keeping it relaxed and comfortable.'

Pink said he loved the ambience of the first floor Beaumont St venue.

'I think the Gallipoli is one of the most underrated venues in Hamilton.' TE

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