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King of Mimicry a Bottler

King of Mimicry a Bottler

Who: King Billy Cokebottle
Where: Ace Of Clubs (Wallsend RSL)
When: Thursday February 1, 2001

WHEN LOUIS BEERS played football in Perth with a predominantly Aboriginal team his mimicry earned him initiation into their clan as a blood brother.

That's the story behind KING BILLY COKEBOTTLE - the alter-ego of Beers, whose comical stage show comes to Wallsend RSL on Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2.

As a teenager Beers, 'a former State sales manager for a menswear company', would mimic his teammates, to their delight, on the football field.

His initiation by blood was delivered using a piece of glass from a broken Coke bottle.

In November, 1972, Beers became friends with then-radio personality BARRY MARTIN, who decided to use the routine on radio.

King Billy went on to become a feature of several radio stations, and the subject of 10 comedy tapes. TE

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