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Happy Rhythm Keeping DJ on the Dance Beat

Who: Paul Holden
Where: Mercury Hotel (Heat)
When: Saturday August 18, 2001

AFTER working as a DJ for more than two decades, Sydney's Paul Holden has become a legend around clubs and raves.

Holden will play at the Mercury Hotel on Saturday night.

He has kept up with the latest sounds, working with anything from jungle and techno through to house and breaks.

'I've actually been playing all kinds of dance music that's been popular and developing at the time,' Holden says.

He gained his legendary status on the dance scene for his involvement with techno club Stun and the Bacchanalia parties held at the Hordern Pavilion.

'I opened Stun and I don't mind admitting that the first night we opened was the very first night that I played a set of techno.'

Holden then became well known within the rave scene, predominantly as a rave DJ.

'I was known from Stun and from my tapes that I had out, that the music I played had a happy bend to it. It was uplifting, energetic.'

His versatility has allowed him to play at a number of different types of events while he tours with acts like Madison Avenue and Gatecrasher. Holden has moved on to producing and insists that the step was a natural progression.

'I was a musician before I was a DJ. I was considering going to the conservatorium but didn't,' Holden says.

'I'm a person of all tastes and all styles. I'm known for what I play, the happy hardcore and the breakbeat.'

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