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Wally Works Fans into Laughter Lather

Who: Wally The Worker
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
When: Saturday August 18, 2001

WEARING his staple Up The Worker badge and a hard-hat, Wally The Worker will share his dry humour at Belmont 16ft Sailing Club on Saturday night.

Wally became one of Australia's favourite comedians after numerous appearances on The Midday Show. Ray Martin once described Wally as 'the sultan of the sickie'.

Johnny Holmes is the man responsible for the drawling, ocker, sexist blue-collar worker with the mischievous eyes and cutting wit.

Holmes began his career as a comedian more than 40 years ago and was a successful performer on the Sydney comedy circuit.

He started out as a dancer but during a gig at the Theatre Royal in Brisbane a comedian was too drunk to appear on stage and Holmes was given the job.

'People laughed,' Holmes recalled.

'I said to myself, Gee, this is good, I'll give this comedy lark a bit of a go".'

Wally will be joined by Scottish entertainer Alan McBride. Decked out in full Scottish regalia, McBride combines his comedy into numerous skits through song, poetry, funny tales and comedy.

Entry to the show is $8 and bookings can be made on 4945-0888.

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