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Karaoke Steams up at the Station Hotel

Karaoke Steams up at the Station Hotel

Who: Ray Waite's Karaoke
Where: Hamilton Station Hotel
When: Thursday October 5, 2000

THE 'karaoke capital' of Newcastle, the Hamilton Station Hotel, is growing stronger.

RAY WAITE'S KARAOKE has been a feature at the Hamilton Station Hotel on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, three nights a week for the past three years.

Last weekend hotelier ROSS OGLE added a fourth karaoke day on Sunday nights to cater for the swelling ranks of the karaoke crowd.

'Some of the singers we get up are unbelievable,' Ogle said.

'They all have a lot of fun and it's just a good night out.'

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9.30pm until 3am, and Sundays from 6pm until 11pm, Ray Waite's Karaoke offers performers the limelight and more than 3000 songs to choose from.

According to Waite, amateur singers relish the opportunity to sing their hearts out to an appreciative audience, and 'eight times out of 10' demonstrate natural ability.

Waite claims to be 'the original and the best' in karaoke in Newcastle, bringing the first karaoke rigs to Newcastle 11 years ago.

At the Hamilton Station, which has an impressive karaoke set-up, there are five television monitors through the hotel and a large-screen set so the audience can sing along.

Waite said the secret to his success was that his karaoke nights had comperes to encourage participants and a technician to keep the songs rolling.

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