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Here's a Dynamic Duo

Here's a Dynamic Duo

Who: Peter McDowell
Where: Edgeworth Bowling Club
When: Sunday March 19, 2000

Playing on Sunday at Edgeworth Bowling Club, the duo covers 'most contemporary artists of the past 40 years' whether it is dance music or easy listening.

They have the experience, the repertoire, equipment, stage attire and on-stage persona and presence to suit any venue and specifically aim to achieve this.

FRED DOBBS sings lead vocals, plays keyboards and alto saxophone, and is responsible for sequencing drums and bass.

Dobbs has a long history as a musician, extending back to the 1960s as a member of the original SEBASTIAN HARDY BLUES BAND with JON ENGLISH. As a trained classical pianist, Dobbs plays keyboard in any style with particular emphasis on rock and contemporary styles.

Fred's sax solos are a feature of the act.

PETER MCDOWELL performs vocals, rhythm and lead guitar.

McDowell is an experienced, versatile guitarist and vocalist, with a background in many bands and shows.

He also performs with GLORY DAYS and STREETWISE. IF you have a band you would like to promote in Clublink please contact Anthony Scully at Clublink on 4979-5611. This week's biography was supplied by the Christine McLaughlin Agency.

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