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Sharing Through His Music

Sharing Through His Music

Who: The John Glenn Band
Where: The Royal
When: Friday June 9, 2000

AFTER a near fatal drug overdose musician JOHN GLENN clawed his way back to reality. As 'an angry messed up kid' at 16, the singer/guitarist suffered 'abuse and rejection' which led to drug abuse 'as an outlet for my frustration'. Now 29, Glenn performs in the pubs, clubs, correctional centres, high schools and churches, telling his story through music. This Friday night Glenn will perform an all-ages concert at The Royal, 669 Hunter St, Newcastle West. 'People need more than to be told don't do it",' he said. 'They need reasons. When you discover that you are a person who counts, that then gives you a reason not to abuse yourself in these ways.' The JOHN GLENN BAND is (from left to right) lead guitarist LANCE COOPER, drummer DANIEL UPTON, Glenn and bass player DOUG MATHER. The group will perform music from his three CDs RAW, POSTCARD FROM DALWOOD and CHEEKY GRIN. Glenn's band will be joined on stage by Newcastle group REAL FOOD, described as 'tasty pop and rock'n'roll'.

ALL-AGES: OVER the road from The Royal, graduates of the TAFE Music Business Certificate Course will throw another all-ages concert this Friday night at the Palais Youth Venue. Bands on the night include OPERATION LAGER, CASE FOR JEFFERSON, PUSHIN' DAISIES, POWDER KEG and BENDER, covering styles as diverse as punk and hip hop, original music and covers. Dance music gets a look in too, with hip hop outfit ITCHIN 4 BEATZ and DJ HITCHIKER locked in for a set each, as well as solo performers PETRA, JODIE and PAUL.

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