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Shorty Rock:

Shorty Rock:

Who: Almost Civilised
Where: Shortland Hotel
When: Saturday June 17, 2000

IT'S only been a year since ALMOST CIVILISED graduated from being a garage band to a working group, playing at venues such as the Gates Hotel, the Wickham Park and Adamstown Sport and Rec Club. But the four-piece band, playing this Saturday night at the Shortland Hotel, has already recorded one CD and is working on a second. Members are drummer MARK SCANES and his brother bass player Richard, with cousin DANIEL SMITH on lead guitar and vocals and guitarist CHAD DAGWELL.

As well as originals, the group performs covers by NIRVANA, CREEDANCE, JIMI HENDRIX and JEBEDIAH. BEEF WEEK: SATURDAY night's AUSTRALIAN BEEF WEEK SHOW gig at the Northern Star Hotel will see a temporary changing of the guard this week. Guitarist ANTHONY MUDGE which pass the lap steel to SIMON MCMILLAN before heading to the UK for six months where he plans to travel and perform with MICK DALEY of the BUSH PUNK COWBOYS. Beef Week recently filmed a video for the title track to its debut THE RUSSIAN LUNCH AFFAIR at the seventh birthday party of the son of Newcastle film maker and musician MATT WALKER.

STAIN ALIVE: BRISBANE-based group PRETTY VIOLET STAIN, will support THE DOVES and ALEX LLOYD at Fanny's this Saturday night. The group features SHANE NICHOLSON on vocals and guitar, SCOTT RUTHERFORD on bass, BRAD TAYLOR on drums and NATHAN LOCKWOOD on guitar. The group's Warner Music debut five-track EP IF THE MONEY'S RIGHT, followed a TRIPLE J UNEARTHED-winning, self-funded EP on ORACLE RECORDS. The major label debut was produced by UK' producers MARSHALL BIRD and STEVEN BUSH, (STEREOPHONICS).

DARK SIDE: AFTER spending the first half of the past year hidden away in the studio recording their brand new self-titled album, NITOCRIS is heading to SJ's Hotel tonight to play its first show in Newcastle this year. The album due for release mid-June, is the band's most anticipated release to date and includes many new songs as well as the very successful and much loved DARK SIDE. NEW TENANTS: ZANY Bathurst lads THE TENANTS will perform in Newcastle on Thursday, June 22, at Fanny's, with DIANA AH NAID and Sydney pop outfit EVA TROUT. The Tenants were Unearthed last year with a song YOU SHIT ME TO TEARS which went on to become the third most popular song on TRIPLE J HOTTEST 100. Their debut EP went on to sell 20,000 copies. The group's latest EP, CAUCASIAN OVERBITE, featuring the latest lager anthem PUB GIRL, is out now.

HELL ROCK: NEWCASTLE band HELL YES will pull the pin on a successful two-year career this Saturday night at the Wickham Park Hotel. The band, which performs alternative Oz rock from IGGY POP to THE TRILOBITES, RADIO BIRDMAN and THE NEW CHRISTS, will call it quits after one final blast. Members of Hell Yes are guitarist DANNY PETROVIC, drummer STEVE MISOJE, bass player DAVE HARRIS and guitarist ANDY CAMPBELL.

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