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Big Names, Strong Rumours

Big Names, Strong Rumours

What: Upcoming Newcastle University Gigs

'NO student should have any money left for Christmas.'

That is the penny-wise advice issued this week by UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE STUDENTS UNION activities officer RICHARD HOWARD, who let slip a few big names on the gig horizon for October. Let's see... did he mention POWDERFINGER? We're certain he did, what with a new album coming out and all. And we definitely heard him say MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES. But GREEN DAY! The rumours are strong, but Howard said 'there's much more we can't announce right now'. Meanwhile check out AUTONOMY DAY, and its associated debauchery, on campus all day this Friday.

A WHISPER: RUMOURED to be touring again in November is a certain middle-aged Australian gentleman, whose affinity with the mullet-style haircut is universally acknowledged. Goes by the initials of WJ, your mother think's he just dishy, and he's best known for his first embarassing hit song about a cleaning lady which he refuses to sing publicly.

SLEEP OUT: LIVE music, an all-night movie marathon and high energy dance music will keep hordes of teenagers happy at this year's WINTER SLEEPOUT on Saturday, August 12.

This year's event will be held in Raymond Terrace, at the RIDING FOR THE DISABLED facility, Pacific Highway, at Irrawang Park.

Buses will depart opposite last year's showground venue, from Broadmeadow Railway Station, to get 'sleep-outers' to and from the venue. STRENGTH TO STRENGTH, LUKE and SEVENTH DAWN will perform at the fundraising event for MISSION AUSTRALIA. All teenagers have to do is register by calling the Sleepout Hotline on 4949-4900, collect a donation book, and raise more than $20 for the homeless.

Organisers are also looking at providing 'extreme entertainment' on the night, from 7pm until 7am, including mechanical snow boards, sumo suits and 'Aussie bar fly'.

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