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Price Banks on Man with Midas Touch

Price Banks on Man with Midas Touch

Who: Rick Price
Where: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
When: Friday July 28, 2000

SINGER songwriter RICK PRICE asked Los Angeles producer CHRIS LORD-ALGE to apply the magic radio gloss to his latest album ANOTHER PLACE. On Friday night Price will perform his earlier hits and his latest two singles, which have been given the Lord-Alge treatment, at Wests Leagues Club.

The first single, WHERE IN THE WORLD, and the second single GOOD AS GONE, are the songs upon which Price has pinned his hopes for continued commercial success.

Like PRINCE, SAVAGE GARDEN and TINA ARENA, Price knows that Lord-Alge has the Midas touch.

'I think he's particularly good for pop radio stuff,' Price said.

'He knows what to do and how to dress things up so they sound at their best.'

In 1992 Lord-Alge produced Price's platinum-selling debut album HEAVEN KNOWS, which struck gold three times with the title track, WALK AWAY RENEE and NOT A DAY GOES BY. Thanks to Alge Price's sales hit 70,000, and his songs containing unforgettable memories cemented Price's name on commercial radio charts throughout the 1990s. TE

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