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Irish Hit Shows Real Beauty

Irish Hit Shows Real Beauty

Who: The Beauty Queen of Leenane

A DARK, desolate comedy, THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE has been a hit around the world.

Touted one of the most heralded plays to cross the Atlantic, BEAUTY QUEEN is the brainchild of one of Ireland's youngest playwrights, 29-year-old Martin McDonagh.

The play is set in the mountains of Connemara, County Galway, and tells the darkly comic tale of old Mag Falon, manipulative and complaining, and her lonely, 40-year-old daughter, Maureen.

Trapped in a desolate cottage and equally desolate lives, the women bicker and squawk in a grudge-match.

Bound by nothing but duty and fear, the relationship between the women sets the scene for great twists throughout the play. Finally, Mag interferes in Maureen's first and possibly final chance of a loving relationship, which sets in motion a train of events that build to the play's terrifying finale.

High comedy gives way to high tension as McDonagh takes his characters on a roller coaster ride through the events leading to the play's end.

BEAUTY QUEEN was presented by the Sydney Festival in 1998 and it is still running on Broadway since it opened in April that year.

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