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Originality Comes on Cue

Originality Comes on Cue

Who: Cue Stick
Where: Nag's Head Hotel
When: Friday July 14, 2000

CUE STICK love to throw in their original songs when people least expect it.

Eight of their songs join a mix of covers on the repertoire.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Graham Meehan said his influences were easy to spot in the list of covers.

These include THE BEATLES , the ROLLING STONES , ELVIS , VAN MORRISON and BOB DYLAN. Meehan is joined by Peter Cornish on drums and back-up vocals and Luke Scott on bass guitar.

The three last played together in 1980s local group APPALOOSA , which played every Sunday at the Beach Hotel for five years.

The electric format began when Meehan was in an acoustic duo, hence the name CUE STICK , a play on 'acoustic'.

Cornish and Scott hooked up with Meehan and are up for their first gig at the Nag's Head Hotel in their new form.

They will play on Friday, July 14.

'I always liked playing at the Nag's Head and we always went well there,' Meehan said.

'There were always bus loads of people going through, out for a good time on pub crawls.'

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