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Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New

Who: Viagra Falls
Where: Swansea Hotel
When: Friday July 14, 2000

THEY were RAG MONSTER and all they wanted was to create something new.

The solution: rename themselves VIRUS CRAWL and strike out into a world of neo-rock and original stage design.

VIRUS CRAWL are launching their CD at Swansea Pub on Friday July 14.

The group's story began in 1992 when the boys from RAG MONSTER decided it was time to experiment.

The song INSPIRED BY , among others, was a positive sign that the mixing of their vast influences had created a unique sound.

The next year they came up with the concept of the drummer being at the front of the stage while the vocalist-guitarist would stand risen at the back.

They still use this successful stage set.

Years of performances in Newcastle have seen the guys support the SCREAMING JETS , DEF FX , and GRINSPOON along others.

After years of touring throughout Australasia, and developing a repertoire of more than 30 songs, they became VIRUS CRAWL last year.

Their lyrics are powerful and, at times, abstract.

V , for example, laments 'So I am nothing give me the string/Wet my head christen me/Sick flow/Vitality/I am safe so secure reminisce/Thoughts expired.'

Catch them at Swansea Pub to see the best of what Newcastle loved and to taste the fresh material.

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