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Flicks Given the Flick

Flicks Given the Flick

What: Mr Cranky Website

IF you love movies but hate getting sucked in by hype to discover that the latest Hollywood offering is nothing but flimsy formula rubbish, then there's a website for you.

Based in the United States the MR CRANKY website (www.mrcranky.com) has all the latest movies rated by one of the toughest critics around.

While not identified, Mr Cranky (logo pictured) is a harsh critic, but backs up his opinions with plain English, and short and sharp appraisals.

Discussion groups attached to each review provide forums for discussion from people from all over the world, once you're registered (for free) as a participant.

But first a word of advice: if you're a budding film-maker starting out, it might be worth making it one of your goals never to get reviewed on the Mr Cranky site.

Basically all the movies written about are bombs. In fact the more bombs you get (between one and four) the more scathing the review.

If you're unlucky to get a five-stick block of gelignite, you may as well kiss your career goodbye. (Check the blasts that BICENTENNIAL MAN and END OF DAYS have received).

The obvious benefit is that we're able to read reviews on all the bombs, months before we're hit with the hype. TE

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