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Spook rocking hard

Spook rocking hard

Who: Spook
Where: Clubhouse Hotel
When: Saturday December 23, 2000

Rattling the chains of contemporary rock'n'roll, covers band SPOOK has attracted a strong following around Hunter entertainment haunts over the past two years.

According to frontman LUKE MAY, who sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar, audiences enjoy Spook because the band has a ball on stage.

'I suppose we don't take it too seriously,' he said.

'If somebody makes a mistake up on stage we don't frown and get upset - we just laugh it off and get back into it.

'We're just up there to have a good time. I love it, it's awesome. I wish I could do it full-time.'

Spook, playing at Maitland's Clubhouse Hotel this weekend, has also developed a following at The Brewery, the Duck's Nuts and the hotel CBD.

The band will perform next weekend at SJ's Hotel on New Year's Eve with good friends JACUZZI SUIT. Spook plays mostly covers as heard on the national youth broadcaster TRIPLE J, by groups such as LIMP BIZKIT, LIVE, FOOFIGHTERS and GRINSPOON. Drummer TRAV SOPRANO and guitarist LEE ROTH recently enlisted new bass player STEVE KING, who May says has provided the group with a new lease of life.

'It's just pumped the band and put a lot of new life into it,' he said.

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