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Sharp Sounds Abound

Sharp Sounds Abound

Who: Kactus
Where: Blackbutt Hotel
When: Friday December 29, 2000

After only two months together KACTUS has emerged from the desert - carried by a wave of cool 'grunge, surf and dance music' - into an oasis filled with top-line gigs.

Tomorrow night, at the Duck's Nuts Hotel, and Friday night at the Jolly Roger, Kactus can be heard performing covers by groups such as PEARL JAM, RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, LIMP BIZKIT and REEF. According to singer TONY TAYLOR, who formed the DEAN & ME duo with guitarist DEAN DEE, the band formed after linking up with bass player TONY TWIGGY and drummer FRANK FOLLACIO. 'The plan for next year is to get out and play more gigs,' he said.

The band also performs covers by SMASH MOUTH, BLINK 182, THE LIVING END, LENNY KRAVITZ and FUEL. Kactus will perform again at the Blackbutt Hotel on December 29, and The Clubhouse Hotel on December 30.

Dean and Me will perform on Saturday, December 23, at the Caves Beach Hotel.

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