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Demo Price Shows Cost of Bias

Demo Price Shows Cost of Bias

Who: Bias
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday October 16, 1999

GROOVE, rock and rap collide on a nicely packaged and produced self-titled demo available from BIAS gigs.

But market forces have so far governed the retail price of the disc.

Bias, playing this Saturday night at the Hunter On Hunter Hotel, has sold one copy of the three-track demo 'for ten bucks'.

Vocalist JAYE PERRY said drummer AARON LEFTBRIDGE sold his own copy to a fan, which prompted the idea of selling the demos at shows.

'I gave mine away to a chick,' said Perry, who completes the line up with bass player DALE MARKO and guitarist DEAN HARMES. TE gave the demos a spin and we reckon, if you like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, with faster-than-lightning rap vocals and big guitars, you'll love this CD. Officially the band describes its own sound as 'heavy, angry groove', which is also commercially viable, and it's a fair call.

Harmes said his favourite track was the second one BI-PASS. There are three in total on the demo including the groove'n'crunch FALSE and a live track SE7EN. Perry and Harmes hope for more work out of town for Bias in the future, possibly leading into full-time band work.

The two-year-old group is on target to achieve greater things, garnering supports for FRENZAL RHOMB, TOE TO TOE, TEST EAGLES, BRUTAL TRUTH, MARK OF CAIN, MAGIC DIRT, NUNCHUKA SUPERFLY and two years on the DOGBITE festival.

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