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Right equipment

Right equipment

Who: Hot Dog Daiquiri

Dave puts Power to the people USUALLY he's the six-stringed guitar slinger for brassy, classy Ska-core group THE PORKERS, but tomorrow night DAVE POWER will expose another facet of his musical persona to the world.

Power described the sounds of EQUIPMENT as 'along the lines of folk rock' citing the influence of Australian band REDGUM but 'crossing into a little bit heavier and groovier at times'.

It will be the first time that the Sydney-based Power has performed his own material accompanied by a band at the Northern Star, where he has been appearing twice a month for the monthly SOLO ME OFF nights. Joining him on stage will be fellow Sydney musoes GARRICK BLOW on drums and an 18-year-old JASPER LEAK on bass guitar.

Other musical influences at work in the new Power material were JEFF BUCKLEY - 'I don't have any of his albums, but it's getting that way' - and CROWDED HOUSE 'in the way the songs are structured, modulating into different keys'.

Meanwhile The Porkers are 'laying low', doing a few 'localish' gigs, while concentrating on writing new songs for its HOT DOG DAIQUIRI follow-up for release early next year.

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