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Soloist Shuns the Sequencer Approach.

Soloist Shuns the Sequencer Approach.

Who: Paul Watters
Where: Wallsend Plaza Tavern
When: Thursday November 25, 1999

KEEPING music real is what soloist PAUL WATTERS can be found doing most nights this week with his guitar, a simple drum machine and years of practice.

Unlike other performers, Watters has rejected the computerised backing sequencers in favour of live impromptu guitar fills, a product of his jazz and blues guitar background.

'I try to please myself as well as the crowds,' says Watters, who can be seen tomorrow night at the Wallsend Plaza Tavern, and again on Friday night and Sunday night.

'There's a lot of improvising, rather than having a set I know note for note every time. I much prefer to jam.'

At the 'winner's circle' venue he will play 'evergreens and Top 40 tunes' as he does at venues including The Cricketers Arms, The Brewery and Cardiff Workers Club.

'Anything and everything provided it's something people like and I like at the same time,' he said.

The full-time musician and guitar teacher can also be seen in the TABOO duo this Saturday night at the Newcastle Workers Club, where he teams up with female soloist 'ANNIE O'. 'She's a soloist, a very good singer and a good strong rhythm guitar player,' Watters said.

'When I work with her we lean on each other's talents. She takes the lead on the vocals but I'm heavier on the guitar solos.'

The duo also allows Watters to play more slide guitar, which he describes as 'more rustic and less produced' than duos which use sequenced backing.

As a soloist he also plays slide guitar but less often, and only as fills in between chords. TE

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