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Little Bit of Irish Pickin'

Little Bit of Irish Pickin'

Who: Alison O'Carroll, Kathryn Kelly
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Friday March 5, 1999

WHEN violinist ALISON O'CARROLL picks up her instrument she brings it to life, playing with energy and breathing life and soul into the strings.

Playing for HEY HEY IT'S FRIDAY this week at the Cardiff Workers Club, O'Carroll has twice been nominated for the variety entertainment MO AWARD. O'Carroll plays with a 'free-flowing, wonderfully evocative voice', according to US journal THE NORTHEAST PERFORMER. Jazz-trained, she fingers her way around American-style country fiddle to Irish favourites in the RIVERDANCE style.

Joining O'Carroll on stage this week will be vocalist and instrumentalist KATHRYN KELLY, performing traditional Irish music standards on piano accordion. TE

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