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Groovy Buzz at the University

Groovy Buzz at the University

Who: Brown Hornet

SIX-piece groove band BROWN HORNET is best known for being the band fronted by the host of ABC television show RECOVERY. Playing at the University of Newcastle tomorrow night, Recovery host DYLAN LEWIS told THE SUNDAY MAIL that, unlike a lot of bands on Recovery, Brown Hornet did not play 'guitar music'.

'We're still getting so much guitar music played over the radio when the rest of the world is moving on and saying we don't need to be depressed anymore",' he said.

'I'm so bored of this whingeing guitar music and I hate it. It has had its time, we've got to move on.'

Lewis and his funky band of melody makers reckon it's time to promote 'more positivity or other genres'.

'We just accept what we're given and think okay, this is on the radio (or RECOVERY) so I might as well listen to it and buy it and go to the concert".'

In five years BROWN HORNET has released a self-titled EP, a single and a double A-side single. A full-length album is due out by the end of the year.

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