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Who: The Dreamcatchers
Where: Shoal Bay Country Club
When: Saturday June 19, 1999

THE members of Newcastle's 'dreamiest' duo THE DREAMCATCHERS have decided to spread their wings and explore different horizons.

Brother and sister BRENDAN and MEAGHAN MURPHY have been performing together for the past eight years and have decided to pursue individual interests.

Both are looking forward to a change of pace, new faces and the 'opportunity to be just brother and sister again'.

From July you will see MEAGHAN fronting her own groove, funk band MOTHERFUNK and with her distinctive voice, the band promises to deliver a totally different sound and look from THE DREAMCATCHERS. BRENDAN will be pursuing his solo career, performing a mix of original and commercial music.

Catch THE DREAMCATCHERS before they call it a day at the following venues: Shoal Bay Country Club on June 19; Hotel Delany on June 23; Wickham Park Hotel on June 25, Newcastle Workers Club on June 26 and Goldbergs on June 27.TE

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