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Diversity 'key' to success

Diversity 'key' to success

Who: Hugh Gordon
Where: Mary Ellen Hotel
When: Saturday July 10, 1999

'IF you're going to make a living from music in Newcastle you've got to diversify'.

If ever there was a person who embodies that philosophy it is singer-guitarist HUGH GORDON, who also runs his own recording studio, and can be seen almost any night of the week performing around town.

Tomorrow night, Gordon will perform at the Duke of Wellington where he runs a musicians' jam session with his band THE CAPTAINS. The band features DAVE EVANS on violin and lead guitar, BILL TAMBAKIS on drums, TONY EDWARDS on bass guitar, BRUCE BEWS on percussion, and Gordon on guitar.

The Captains have recently become the backing band for Raymond Terrace-based country singer BROOKE HARVEY, whose recording debut, featured on the SMOKESTACK compilation CD, was produced by Gordon.

On Friday night, Gordon, Bews and Evans can be seen performing at the Mary Ellen Hotel as the HUGH GORDON TRIO, where they perform every second Friday night.

'There are always good party groups going through there - a really nice atmosphere,' Gordon says.

Occasionally the trio will feature special guest guitarist JOHN MCIVOR and percussionist PETER HARBULOT, who both can be seen playing in the HUGE JAZZ COMBO. The eight-member combo plays the last Sunday of the month at the Lass O'Gowrie, where it pulls about 100 fans.

This Saturday night, Gordon will also perform solo at the Mary Ellen Hotel, playing 'a bit of everything, from VAN MORRISON to THE BLUES BROTHERS to REM'. In August, Gordon will be forming THE FAT ELVIS CABARET band with friend and collaborator CHRIS KELLY for a weekly Wednesday night show featuring one out-of-town and one Hunter-based comedian, at Wests. TE

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