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Four Bands at Hunter

Four Bands at Hunter

Who: The Brain
What: Hunter on Hunter Gigs
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Friday July 16, 1999

'DANCE-floor-filling, new school superbeast' THE BRAIN will headline a four-band bill this Friday night at the Hunter On Hunter Hotel featuring GO TO BED JESSICA, THE ACETONES and Hobart folk-rock band THE SCREECHTRAMPS. The Brain features CLAY (ex-QUADBOX, GENERAL MAYHEM and FUCIOUS) drummer CY (former DJ for General Mayhem) bass player YATES (ex-INFRINGEMENT) and 'anti-guitarist' JENS. Last weekend the group performed at the GROUNDED FESTIVAL on the same stage as ESKIMO JOE, BEAVERLOOP, TESTEAGLES, MUZZY PEP and IOTA. The Brain performs on a CD MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE on BLIND RECORDS featuring Quad Box, ALL YOU CAN EAT, CAUSTIC SODA and NANCY VANDAL. Check out the band's website at www.spin.net.au/~thebrain

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