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Cocker 'DoubleTake'

Cocker 'DoubleTake'

Who: Joe Cocker Tribute Show
Where: Caves Beach Hotel
When: Sunday January 24, 1999

HAILING from the same streets of Sheffield as JOE COCKER as well as being blessed with a voice of equal strength, ALAN ROBERTS has all the qualities necessary to perform a tribute to the legendary rocker.

Watching Alan Roberts on stage has been described as 'eerie', with his voice and stage presence making him a dead ringer for the real man when he performs the COCKER MAGIC tribute show.

Twice Roberts has come on stage unannounced, to a packed house, once with BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS, and once with CHUCK BERRY and received standing ovations as people assumed the real Cocker was giving a special appearance.

According to Roberts, on another occasion, he was a guest on NEW-FM radio, and after the DJ played a couple of Cocker songs sung by Roberts, the station was inundated with calls by listeners saying it had to have been Cocker himself.

Roberts said his devotion as a fan to the rock legend enabled him to perform the tribute with feeling.

Cocker Magic is at the Caves Beach Hotel on Sunday night, from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Entry is free.

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