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Revue: Why 2K?

Revue: Why 2K?

What: The Millenium Buggers
Where: The Star Hotel
When: Wednesday December 8, 1999

SICK to death of the endless babble about Y2K, the 'millennium bug' and the New Year's Eve party to end all parties?

So are the writers and comics from the FOOTLICE THEATRE group.

This week at the Acoustic Cafe at The Star Hotel, the annual FOOTLICE COMEDY REVUE, THE MILLENNIUM BUGGERS, will be popping the bubble of hype surrounding what some are predicting will be the biggest non-event in recent history.

Spokesman DAN FLANAGAN said some members of the revue would be using Beelzebub's own pitchfork to do the pricking, in a skit about a failed demon, 'Gruntelflord, who's always stuffing things up'.

He's installed air conditioning 'to make the sinners feel a little more comfortable' and boy, is the head Devil cranky.

One skit pokes fun at the dilemma of the 'surplus millennium babies' propagated by radio station competitions to be the first to deliver a baby in the year 2000.

Another one takes a lighter look at what happens when a couple of airline pilots try to hold it together after their plane mysteriously begins to plummet after midnight.

It's the kind of material that has kept Flanagan and co-writer JASON NEWELL chuckling over the past 12 months of writing.

'That's what we like to do with revues,' he said. 'Pick one theme and then take the piss out of it.'

The rest of the cast, which includes ALLON SILOVE, THERESA SAWERT, ALEXIA WURZ, NATASHA SCHAAD, MICHAEL MCATEER and WARREN O'BRIEN, have collaborated on writing.

The revue plays Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm, and Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm.TE

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