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In Training for New Year

In Training for New Year

Who: Kevin O'Hara
Where: Customs House
When: Friday December 31, 1999

GUITARIST and dog trainer extraordinaire KEVIN O'HARA has a wonderful new year's resolution and he began practising a couple of weeks ago.

'I'm teaching my dog to talk,' O'Hara says matter-of-factly.

Playing at Customs House on New Year's Eve, O'Hara was another Newcastle musician caught off guard when asked for a new year's resolution a week ago.

But at the time the weary dad was distracted momentarily, from tending to two-year-old daughter Pearl, into playing with his dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback/boxer cross.

'I put a bib on her and give her a bottle and she actually holds it in her paws,' O'Hara drawls deliriously.

'I'd teach my dog to sing too, because I certainly can't.

'I'm more of a guitarist than a singer!'

And he's a guitarist with a sense of humour.

O'Hara lived in Europe for 10 years, where he met his Austrian wife, Gabriel, with whom he has settled down in Newcastle for the time being.

Before leaving Australia in 1988 he performed with MARGUERITTE ASHFORD and in the TOE JAMMERS with GREG BRYCE. In London and Europe, he released three albums with BIG RED and toured the Continent with seven-piece show band SPARTZEN EXPRESS. TE

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