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Mysterious Man from Outa the West

Mysterious Man from Outa the West

Who: John Butler Trio
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday December 18, 1999

IF you believe what has been written about Western Australia's JOHN BUTLER TRIO Newie music fans are in for one helluva show this Saturday night at the Hunter On Hunter.

Here in Newcastle for the very first time, and supported by former St Francis Xavier's chick REBECCA MOORE and her band INKY JUICE which resides in Fremantle, Butler is a bit of an unknown quantity here.

But the WEST AUSTRALIAN newspaper, in three separate reviews by three separate reviewers, described the intense original roots sound of Butler by using various superlatives.

'He manages to turn a one-man show into an attention grabbing spectacle', says one. 'He had the audience entranced' says another.

'Butler is casual only in his between song banter ... before the rally of his guitar (undertakes) a new journey.'

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