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A Long, Hard Laugh at Life

A Long, Hard Laugh at Life

Who: Garry Who
Where: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
When: Wednesday August 4, 1999

COMEDIAN GARRY WHO was an observational funny man identifying bizarre human behaviour long before society starting labelling it.

It was Who, after all, who identified the very 90s phenomenon of road rage back in the early eighties, in a classic piece of stand-up comedy best described as the 'get f*****' routine.

Performing tonight at Wests Leagues, with the CHRIS KELLY SHIP OF FOOLS & THE BIG FAT BAND, Who recalls the skit from the AUSTRALIA LAUGHS video with great fondness.

The routine lasts for a minute and a half with Who relating the absurd situation where two motorists, and eventually passers-by, engage in the same futile two-word barrage of obscenities.

'That's a good one. Yeah even the pedestrians are into that,' he laughs.

'There's just no comeback to it. It's a real full stop. You want to have a pretty good one if you're going to follow that.'

The veteran actor and comic was a cast member on the long-running ALL TOGETHER NOW, playing Dougie the cab driver 'with the rock and roll hairdo' six years ago.

Who was also the resident comic on the RAY MARTIN SHOW for two years.

Since then he has appeared as a character actor on WATER RATS, GP, BIG SKY and later this year will appear in a SEVEN NETWORK telemovie CLOSE CONTACT opposite KIMBERLY DAVIES. 'It's actually about crime, the underworld and cops, and I play a crime boss's protection guy - a bodyguard - but sort of not your best bodyguard. A bit of an idiot.'

Who is excited to be the first comic to work the new 'free range' room at Wests which will feature stand-up comedy and a live variety band every Wednesday night.

Who steers clear of current affairs. Instead he mines 'the double standards you get everywhere' as a source of the comedy which he gathers from life experiences. TE

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