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Amsterjam Returns

Amsterjam Returns

Who: Amsterjam
Where: Highfields Azzurri Sports Club
When: Saturday May 1, 1999

THERE'S an air of mystery to AMSTERJAM, who disappeared from the live scene in 1996 after releasing a four-track CD that sounded for all the world like a missing DAVID LEE ROTH solo album.

This Saturday night the group will perform at Highfield Azzurri Club, and there's a whisper that Amsterjam has two albums worth of new material ready and waiting in the wings.

The group's gig last month at the Ducks Nuts Hotel showed punters the group's impeccable musicianship which can be heard on its four-track CD NOTHING LIKE YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD. Keyboard player and CLOUD STUDIOS studio whiz PARRIS MACLEOD (SCREAMING JETS, TROY CASSAR-DALEY) has a rather large studio hand, as well as keyboards, to play in Amsterjam.

Macleod, lead singer KIM LEMKE, guitarist NICK CROFT and drummer BRAD LAING were all members of THE GROOVE a few years back, except for current bass player TOMI KEFECEF, formerly of SKAZOO. If you thought The Groove were good then they will boggle your mind. It's everything The Groove was threatening to be and then some.

Think acid lounge (ALL WE WANT IS LOVE), meets stadium funk rock (NOTHING LIKE YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD), groove metal (REAL) and sophisticated adult-contemporary vibes (JAZZIN' ON). TE

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