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Starkey to go GaGa

Starkey to go GaGa

Who: Kane
Where: Delany Hotel
When: Saturday September 12, 1998

BEFORE joining one of Newcastle's hardest-working cover bands KANE STARKEY was thundering away as a singer and guitarist in one the city's most intense heavy metal groups, THE BLACK. Two months ago the RADIO GA GA lead vocalist put his original songwriting on the back burner to return to the covers fold with the nine-year-old group.

'I started off playing this sort of stuff and went into the heavier stuff from there,' he said.

Starkey is back on the covers circuit while looking around for songwriting partners for his original material which he is still working on.

'I still do it because I love doing it,' he said.

Playing this week at The Delany Hotel on Saturday night and The Beach Hotel on Sunday, RADIO GA GA was seen last week at the re-opening of the Casbah City Hotel.

Early crowds indicate the venue's new formula of 'top commercial cover bands' will be a winning formula, combined with light, bright, cosmetic changes to the venue.TE

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