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Purplene's Debut

Purplene's Debut

Who: Purplene
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Friday October 2, 1998

THOSE frisbee-chucking, guitar-loving lads PURPLENE have romped into familiar territory with their shimmering and warm debut SMH DAYS. The four-piece group, launching its THREE TRACK RECORDS debut this Friday night at the Hunter On Hunter, says it was 'propelled' into this recording 'by years of listening to the fruits of their Indie-rock forebears'.

SMH DAYS possesses intensity and sophistication in abundance. And while the group has enough taste not to mention influences, we must say SILENT & COMPLIANT begins with the heavy/heady crunch of SWEREDRIVER but falls in and out of delicate guitar tapestry.

PARIS FALLING IN, which has its own video filmed on location in and around this fair city, opens with sample of a film projector, and sounds suitably filmic in tone, as does the album as a whole.

Purplene features Newy's most solid rhythm section of DAVID HECTOR on drums and ADAM JESSON on bass guitar, with vocal duties alternating between guitarists MATTHEW BLACKMAN and DAVID LEDLIN.

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