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Slide Into the Skids

Slide Into the Skids

Who: Southern Culture on the Skids
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Wednesday October 7, 1998

In response to popular demand, SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS is back on the road for an October series of concerts.

The self-described 'high-cholesterol toe-sucking geek rock' SCOTS from North Carolina will be hitting the HUNTER On HUNTER on October 7.

Returning to Australia for the third time, the hillbilly rockers have just completed several relentless months of touring their home State and are ready to rock the rafters at venues on the east coast of Australia during October.

The three-piece band with its big hair and big appetites is known for hurling fried chicken at audiences but admired even more for Southern guitar licks heavy on the old fuzz pedal.

PLASTIC SEAT SWEAT is the latest album for the band, intended to make listeners shake their booties.

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