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A Chip off the Chisel

A Chip off the Chisel

Who: Cold Chisel, The Last Stand

PRAISED for recreating the sweaty passion of the legendary COLD CHISEL, THE LAST STAND (CHISEL-BARNES SHOW) brings its spirited live show to Newcastle next month in its bid to conquer competition.

LAST STAND vocalist MICHAEL PITTS said each State had its Cold Chisel imitators and the band was aiming to prove itself the best by playing in regional areas and capital cities outside its Sydney base.

Pitts said recent national exposure on MTV resulted in a stream of requests and inquiries that convinced the tribute band to exploit its potential nationally.

THE LAST STAND reproduces the memorable performances of COLD CHISEL, the band that defied political correctness for a decade and gained an almost mythological status in Australian rock'n'roll history.

'The music and show are physically demanding and the thought uppermost in our minds is that if we don't do it right, the fanatical audience will kick our butts,' Pitts said.

'This drives us to seek perfection with each gig and often helps us to get through our usual two to three hour shows per week.'

Band members either saw the early moments of CHISEL glory or shared them as members of support bands, Pitts said.

A bottle of vodka was shared with JIMMY BARNES or a Fender Telecaster lent to IAN MOSS in moments of backstage camaraderie.

Armed with such experiences, the band members strive to recreate the aggressive raw energy of a Chisel show.


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