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jMusic just for love

jMusic just for love

Who: Melvin Starr

TRIPLE J UNEARTHED Newcastle co-winners MELVIN STARR told the nation last week what many original bands here have known for a long time: that playing your own music is first and foremost about love and not money.

The band which was 'unearthed' by the national youth broadcaster last week joined MUZZY PEP as one of only two from more than 400 entrants in the song competition.

When interviewed by morning presenter SARAH MACDONALD, guitarist BEN GOODWIN said the band had actually stopped performing live and had no gigs lined up in the immediate future.

'You can make more money from busking than from paid gigs,' he said.

Speaking to TE later Goodwin said the band would spend the coming weeks 'trying to define who we are, and what sort of music to keep playing'.

'I think once we record something then maybe we'll start playing a gig here and there and just see if the crowds like the vibe or not.'

Goodwin, singer/bass player ANDY LEHMANN, and drummer MATT MARKHAM-LEE, were asked to re-record their song DANDELION with LIVE AT THE WIRELESS and former YOU AM I live engineer CAMERON MCAULEY. The band, which said it would like to secure an EP deal with a recording label, said the next step would depend on 'whoever calls us next'.

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